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Breakthrough PV System for Commercial Rooftops

 Solyndra, Inc.
Description: Higher Solar Electricity Output Per Rooftop at Lower Cost of Electricity. Cylindrical Module Enhances Light Collection: high energy yield in horizontal orientation. Collection of Sunlight Reflected from Roof. Commercial rooftops are a large market, >3 billion m2 of flat commercial rooftop area for PV in the US alone: 150 GWp, >100 million m2 of reflective “cool roofs” installed annually in US: 5 GWp/yr and Distributed generation.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Breakthrough PV System for Commercial Rooftops
March 2009

Solyndra, Inc.
We manufacture photovoltaic systems for the commercial rooftop market
PV Systems PV Systems Optimized for Optimized for Commercial Commercial Roofs Roofs

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Proprietary cylindrical modul ... See more

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