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Photovoltaics R&D Progress in Japan

 Koichi Sakuta
Description: Data presented: World PV model production 1993- 2007, long-term roadmap for PV and R&D and introduction 2002-2030. Other topics discussed include, crystalline silicon cells, triple tandem solar cell, CIGS cell, flexible solar-cell substrates. Project targets of 10% efficiencies for single junction solar cells and over 25% efficiencies for Si-based triple junction and compound-semiconductor-based four-junction thin-film solar cells.
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Photovoltaic Research in AIST

Koichi Sakuta Research Center for Photovoltaics, AIST

Progress of PV R&D in Japan
R&D Items "New Sunshine" Project Completed 2004
2000 1997
Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells (140 JPY/W)

Road Map PV2030

Low Cost SOG-Si Production Process

Low Cost mc-Silicon ... See more

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