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Stainless Steel in Solar Energy Projects

 Rafael Sánchez and Juan A. Avellaner
Description: Topics include a review of the Energy Sector, Solar Energy Technologies and Sector Regulation, Stainless Steels: Properties and Solar related Uses, Research on Solar Energy, Renewable energy programs, and Total energy consumption and share of renewable sources.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
"The Use of Stainless Steel in Solar Energy Projects in Spain" Spain"
Rafael S�nchez

Juan A. Avellaner
R&D Director G. Unisolar International Nickel Study Group

Environmental & Economics Committee
April 27, 2010, Lisbon - Portugal

Index of contents

1 Introduction: ACERINOX and GRUPO UNISOLAR 2 The Energy Sector 3 Solar Energy Technologies and Sector Regulation 4 S ... See more

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