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Transportation Electrification:The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market, Environmental Impact & Technology

 Dan Bowermaster
Description: Advancing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity for society through global collaboration, thought leadership, and science & technology innovation. Three Key Aspects of EPRI:- Independent - Objective, scientifically based results address reliability, efficiency, affordability, health, safety, and the environment. Nonprofit - Chartered to serve the public benefit. Collaborative - Bring together scientists, engineers, academic researchers, and industry experts.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Semiconductor Analytics
Transportation Electrification:
The Plug-in Electric Vehicle
Market, Environmental
Impact, and Technology
Dan Bowermaster
Program Manager, Electric Transportation
Office: +1 650 855 8524
Mobile: +1 650 701 5099

Foro de Transporte Limpio en
Bogotá, Colombia
22 September 2016
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