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Charging Electric Cars From Solar Energy

 Xusheng Liang, Elvis Tanyi, Xin Zou, Erik Loxbo PhD, Sven Johansson PhD
Description: Furthermore, Amorphous Silicon (a-Si), basically used in small scale power harnessing, consist of a low-cost substrate and very little silicon material which is nontoxic. It absorbs wide ranges of light spectrum thus functions well in almost all hours of days and irrespective of temperature variations. But its power output is very small(though can be improved by stacking) and also it has a shorter effective lifespan of less than a year [50]
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Contributing Organization: DiVA
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Charging electric cars from solar

Xusheng Liang
Elvis Tanyi
Xin Zou

Dr. Erik Loxbo
Dr. Sven Johansson
Department of Electrical Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Until now vehicles heavily relied on fossil fuels for power. Now, these
vehicles are rapidly being replaced by electric vehicles and or plug-in hybrid
electric car ... See more

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