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3D Printing - A Fast Growing Market

 Franck Fabre, Nicolas Debard
Description: Prodways 3D printers & Technologies:- A multi-technology offering for industrial needs - MOVINGLight® DLP Photopolymerization: Disruptive light-curing technology, Unequalled levels of resolution and speed, Acrylate & Hybrid resins and ceramic pastes. Premium Selective Laser Sintering: High-quality laser sintering technology with best thermal stability, Game-changing open material strategy. Support & Invest in 3D eco-system Support 3D printing companies on the road to success - Financial Solutions: Invest in equity (taking non-controlling stakes) helping companies to accelerate their development. Operational Solutions: Operationally support 3D companies in delivering innovative products and services. Strategic Solutions; Share its network of experts and benefits of its partnerships with world-renowned institutions. Technical Solutions: Access the latest 3D printing techniques and innovations.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Contributing Organization: PLATINIUM3D
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Franck Fabre – Ingénieur commercial Europe du Nord
Nicolas Debard - Ingénieur avant-vente

3D printing : a fast growing market
From $4.2 billion to $21.8 billion in just a few years


12,000 units sold


85% of revenue

195,000 units sold



of revenue

Selling Price < $5K
Selling Price > $5K



Italy 3%
France 3%
UK 4%




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