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European R&D Actor Expectations of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Transport, Heat and Power

 Paul Upham PhD
Description: Hydrogen and HFCs still saw as a medium to long term prospect rather than near term, except for Uninterruptible power, auxiliary power and high power demand such as fork lifts and heavy goods vehicles. Use of hydrogen as a constituent of largely fossil CNG and injected to the gas grid. Use of HFCs in battery electric vehicles, to extend range (as in e.g. France)
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Contributing Organization: Hyacinth Project
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European R&D actor expectations of hydrogen fuel
cells for transport, heat and power
of Leeds and Leuphana

Prof Paul Upham, University of Leeds and Leuphana
Presentation for ILMO/SYKE, Helsinki, Nov 4th 2016


Project context and design
Policy and theoretical context
Interviewee sample description
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