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Electric Vehicle As Domestic Electric Storage: Vehicle To Home

 Cristina Corchero
Description: EVs may emerge as an important complement to PV for prosumers but also they represent an additional cost. For prosumers, the storage function of EVs could improve the self consumption ratio in addition to providing additional services (e.g. mobility). However, EVs would also incur additional costs similar to batteries. The presence of an EV would mean that PV systems might need to be sized larger than standard household systems, and additional control infrastructure for charging, dispatch, etc. might also add additional costs. EVs could even delay PV prosumer emergence if they are to be a prerequisite for system competitiveness. EVs will provide prosumers with greater flexibility and could form part of a broader and integrated prosumer strategy but EVs will not accelerate the emergence of prosumers in the near term.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Contributing Organization: IEA-DSM
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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle TCP Task 28: Home Grids and V2X Technologies

Electric Vehicle as domestic electric storage: vehicle to home
Cristina Corchero
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