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CFL Lighting Market Update & Trends

 Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Description: Paper is about Northwest Energy Efficiengy Alliance,. Discussion about CFL Update, Market Update, Lighting and ENERGY STAR Homes, Major drivers in the decline, 2009 Widget Report logistics, National Issues, 2007 Energy Independence and Security, DOEs biggest concern, CFL program approaches, LEDs, General Logistics, NEEA Managed Lighting Project History, Data Sources. Findings: CFL Sales, NW Promotional CFL Sales, CFL Market Share, CFL Availability, CFL Affordability.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
CFL Update
November 5, 2009

Market Update

Lighting and ENERGY STAR Homes
Activities we have done this year include;
Builder, showroom, verifier/BPS, and utility trainings Product development and design support for local manufacturers Purchasing consulting for showrooms, retailers and builders Lighting 101 trainings Plan reviews Display purchase and design coordination One on one trainings with ... See more

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