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LED Market Update

 Ross Young
Description: IMS Research and its LED Coverage. LED Market Overview. LED Supply Trends and Forecast. LED Demand Forecast. Supply/Demand Outlook. While most of the light sockets are in residential, fluorescent accounts for the highest share of lumens, meaning fluorescent represents the largest LED market. However, with its high efficiencies, excellent distribution and low cost, LED penetration will take longer.
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LED Market Update
Ross Young
SVP, Displays, LEDs and Lighting
IMS Research

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IMS Research and its LED Coverage

LED Market Overview

LED Supply Trends and Forecast

LED Demand Forecast

Supply/Demand Outlook

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LED Market Summary and Supply Trends

LED Market Update, IMS Research and its LED Coverage, LED Supply Trends and Forecast, LED Demand Forecast, LED Coverage, LEDs on Silicon, LED Device Structures, Limitations of Edge

Ross Young
26 May, 2011