China's LED Lighting Industry

China's LED Lighting Industry

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Description: China's Association of Lighting Industry and led lighting - Current situation of lighting Industry - China Lighting Industry has maintained a rapid, sustainable and steady development trend for more then ten years. .

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China Association of Lighting Industry
Chen Yansheng

Part 1:
Current Situation of Lighting Industry

China lighting industry has maintained a rapid,
sustainable and steady development trend for more than
ten years.
 In 2010, the sales volume of the entire industry was
USD 46 billion with a year-on-year increase by 21%. The
export volume was USD 18.5 billion, up by 31% over the
same period of last year.


are over 10,000 lighting manufacturers in China.
It provides various types of lighting products and its
quality has enhanced rapidly. These manufactures are
mainly distributed in China's southeastern coastal areas,
including Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and

Major Production Zone of China Lighting Industry

China’ Lighting Industry sales growth over the last 11 years

Enterprise development

the increasing scales of the production enterprises,
some light source and lamp manufacturers gradually win their
national recognition. And their capabilities in R&D have also
improved remarkably, quite many enterprises have
established their R&D centers and labs, and those with
certain scales and strengths have begun to focus on
enterprise brand building.

Product Structure
The structure of light source products has witnessed
enormous changes over the past decades.
 The ratio of incandescent lamps (IL) and fluorescent lamps
has changed from 8:1 to 1:1.4 and the total output of fluorescent
lamps has outrun that of incandescent lamps.
 In the HID lamp area, high pressure sodium lamps and metal
halide lamps have developed rapidly and the output of high
pressure mercury lamps has been on the decline already.
 Besides, LED, as the lighting source, gets into the general

Product Structure

output of general incandescent lamps in China in 2010
reached at 3.85 billion.
The national output of fluorescent lamps reached at 6.7
billion, including 1.8 billion straight tubular fluorescent lamps,
180 million Circle fluorescent lamps, 4.1 billion CFLs and 340
million single-capped fluorescent lamps.
The output of HID lamps in China in 2010 was 173 million,
including 56.2 million high pressure mercury lamps, 54.4
million high pressure sodium lamps and 46.8 million metal
halide lamps.

Product Structure
Fixtures (Indoor Lighting )
*Home use & Hotels with Decorative


Product Structure

Lighting Fixtures (Indoor Lighting )
* Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Product Structure

Fixtures (Outdoor Lighting )

Product Structure

Lighting Fixtures ( Lighting for Special Occasions )

Product Export
Lighting products of China have been exported to more than
170 countries and regions around the globe. The export
volumes of China’ lighting products in 2008 and 2009 were
USD 16.2 billion and USD 14.1 billion respectively. 2010 were
USD 18.5 billion.

Part 2:
Phase out of incandescent lamp


will announce the roadmap of phase-out incandescent
lamps in this year.
Scheduled Time

Ban the sale of Incandescent lamp

2012, Oct.1






Part 3:
LED Lighting in China

In China, LED lighting developed rapidly in recent years.
Now, thousands of Chinese enterprises are engaged in LED
lighting, whose businesses are involved in LED epitaxial
wafer, chip, packaging and lighting applications.

Outdoor LED lighting products consist of street lamps,
garden lights, lawn lamps and landscape lighting products.
Indoor LED lighting products consist of LED retrofits,
including A19, MR16, PAR lamps, down lights and etc.

LED lighting products are not only sold in domestic market,
but also exported to foreign countries. Even the
internationally renowned lighting companies acquire their
products through OEM from China.

For LED lighting, the Chinese government has given
positive supports. For example, the National Development
and Reform Commission of the PRC, the Ministry of Science
and Technology of the PRC, and the Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology of the PRC have formulated relevant
policies and planning of LED lighting respectively.

At present, LED lighting products has only just begun in the
general lighting application. Their products’qualities need to
be improved, and cost-effectiveness is still the main obstacle.
With the improved quality and declining price, SSL market
will be gradually expanded in future.

The major topic for LED lighting is its energy saving
compared with traditional light source, in another words,
higher illuminating efficiency.

The illuminating efficiency of high power white light LED
has great improvement since this century, and its
development speed has exceed people’ expectation
and still growing in a rapid speed now.

As for lighting product, illuminating efficiency is only one
of the factors, we need also pay attention to its quality.




Energy efficiency

Photoelectric parameter
Illuminating efficiency

Safety requirement should be first mentioned.
Because it directly related to people’ life and
property, so it is crucial.
EMC is important in safety.
Safety requirement determine whether the
product is usable.

Performance comes to the second.

It contains Reliability \ Lifespan and a serious of
Photoelectric parameter

Performance requirement determine whether
the product is good.

We should also consider energy efficiency,
whether the product can save energy.

To pursue high illuminating efficiency and pay
no attention on product quality is very

Under different color temperature, the
illuminating efficiency of LED will be different.

It has been ten years since Roland Haitz
(Agilent Technologies) first put forward LED
lighting as a revolution in semiconductor.

LED has a high speed development and still

As LED lighting enterprises, we need to face the

LED lighting has a bright future, and all people
within the industry need to down to the earth.

We need to have confident and patience on LED

We need to focus on the research of
LED Lighting and its related area.