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Power Electronics for Solid State Lighting: Reliability Considerations

 Don Mulvey
Description: Power Electronics for Solid State Lighting, Light Source Efficacy and Reliability, Perspective on Light, System Components, System Reliability, Distributed AC Architecture, Distributed DC Architecture, DC Architecture.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
Power Electronics for Solid State Lighting
Reliability Considerations

6/24/2007 Don Mulvey Executive Vice President

The Value Proposition

HB LED Technology Promises: Energy Savings Long Life Sustainability

Light Source Efficacy & Reliability
Type Incandescent Bulb Fluorescent Linear Compact Fluorescent Halogen High Pressure Sodium Metal Halide HB LED Best in Class Watt 100 18 20 150 50 100 N ... See more
Don Mulvey
18 October, 2010