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Outdoor LED Lighting Demonstration Project Results

 Ming-Shan Jeng
Description: Outdoor LED Lighting Applications, Lighting Technology Evolution, Example of LED Efficiency Improvement – Street Lamps in Chinese Taipei, Global LED Lighting Market, LED Industry in Chinese Taipei, Green Energy Industry Development Plan, Energy-efficient Society and Low-carbon Economy.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects of Outdoor LED Lighting Applications in Chinese Taipei By Ming-Shan Jeng. - Lighting Technology Evolution. An example of LED Efficiency improvement - street

Ming-Shan Jeng
21 February, 2013

Smart Grid and Smart Green Buildings

Taiwan’s Building Industry, Concept of Smart Green Building, Distribution of Primary Energy Usage, Breakdown of Energy Saving Potential, Energy-ICT (EICT), Proposed Research Domain

Ming-Shan Jeng
15 March, 2012