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Integrating LED Light Engines in Luminaires

 Chris Primous
Description: LED Light Engines, LED Luminaire design options, Critical integration & design factors, Ways to use LED Light Engines in luminaires, ENERGY STAR considerations, Ongoing SSL Luminaire industry issues, Luminaire Design Options, Retrofit existing design, New LED luminaire design, Retrofit design Approach, Retrofit LED Wallpack, New Design LED Wallpack, LED light engine components critical integration design factors, Using LED Light Engines in Luminaires, Integral Engine Designs, remote LED driver
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
Integrating LED Light Engines in Luminaires
2010 ENERGY STAR� Products Partner Meeting Solid State Lighting Technology Updates Session

Chris Primous � Dir. of Sales/Business Development


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� LED Luminaire design options � Retrofit vs. new design � Considering a componentbased approach � Critical integration ... See more

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