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LED Photometry Testing Considerations

 Yiting Zhu, Ph.D.
Description: LED Photometry Testing Considerations by Apec work shop, for the promotion and application of LED lighting technology. Measurement system reliability considerations when conducting long-term photometry testing by Yiting Zhu Ph.D. And N. Narendran, ph.D. - Lighting Research Center.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
Contributing Organization: APEC-LED
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Measurement System Reliability
Considerations When Conducting
Long-term Photometry Testing
Yiting Zhu, Ph.D. and N. Narendran, Ph.D.
Lighting Research Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180, U.S.A.

• 2011 APEC LED Workshop Organizers
• LRC faculty, staff, and students
• ASSIST Program sponsors


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