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Materials Chemistry of Inorganic Phosphors

 Steven Chen, 陳登銘
Description: Luminescent Material Absorb, X-Ray Phosphors and Scintillators, Luminescence and the Solid State, Design of Phosphors, Lanthanides and Lasers, Solid-State Chemistry, Inorganic Phosphor, Colorful phosphors, Fluorescence and phosphorescence, Electronic transition rules, Excitation and emission spectra, Light Absorption and Emission, Luminescence Center, Fluorescence measurements, Preparation of Phosphors.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
Materials Chemistry of Inorganic Phosphors I i Ph h

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Materials Chemistry of Inorganic Phosphors y g p 09:00-09:50 Thursday 10:10-12:00 Friday Course Outline 1. Introduction 2. Principle of Luminescence for Phosphors 3. Design of Phosphors 4. Preparation of Phosphors 5. Luminescence Characterizations of Phosphors 6. 6 Applications of Phosph ... See more

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