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Basic Principles of LED Lighting, Optoelectronics, Lighting Tools and Applications

Description: LEDs: the efficient alternative: Developmental focus on optoelectronics- These are exciting times in architectural lighting. With the breakthrough of the LED as a ­viable light source across a wide front, we are currently experiencing a far-reaching technological upheaval. This is comparable with the transition from analogue vinyl records to digital music on CDs and memory sticks, or from analogue to digital photography. Their enormous potential, both in terms of efficiency and regarding lighting quality and visual comfort, means that light emitting diodes will be the light source of the future. In particular, they are an alternative to incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps which are known to be poor in terms of energy efficiency. It is at such times of change that there is a rise in the requirement for bona fide information, e.g. what are the specific properties of LEDs for architectural lighting? What are their advantages compared with conven­tional lamps? How do LED lighting tools operate! What factors govern their efficiency in practical applications? What design possibilities do LED luminaires offer for lighting designers and to what extent does this alter design processes and cause paradigm changes? These and other questions are dealt with in this brochure. Additionally, ERCO’s specific approach to the subject matter of LEDs is explained. The first LED-based lighting tools appeared more than ten years ago in the form of orientation luminaires in the ERCO Program. In our current range of LED lighting tools, light emitting diodes are no longer used merely as coloured effects or for orientation. They are now suitable for professional accent lighting and ambient lighting and also for high-­quality,­energy-saving wallwashing.
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LED Lighting


Art.-No. 110.29466.000 EN 02/2013

Basic principles
Lighting tools and application



The Light Factory


The Light Factory

LEDs: the efficient alternative
Developmental focus on optoelectronics


LED modules
LED optical systems
Heat management
LED control gear and EMC
Lighting control
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