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Understanding the Lithium Ion Battery from Surface to Cell

 Molly Isermann
Description: Detail the Li-ion Battery industry drivers & trends, Our position in the industry and our interest in the application, Battery research overview, How the LiB works and targeted research problems, Application capabilities, Example LiB solutions to tough problems, Sample Discussions/LiB Inquiries. Our Responsibility Behind Understanding LiB: We have the responsibility to add our experience in the areas of research that make our world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Build new Solutions that take a closer look at the materials, changes, and future of battery analysis. Help our global partners achieve their long-term research goals!
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
LithoVision 2018
From Surface To Cell: Understanding
the Lithium Ion Battery
Molly Isermann
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•Detail the Li-ion Battery industry
drivers & trends
•Our position in industry and our
interest in the application
•Battery research overview
•How the LiB works and targete ... See more

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