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Lithium Air Batteries: The Future For Electric Vehicles?

 Amici Julia, Francia Carlotta, Zeng Juqin, Alidoost Mojtaba, Nerino Penazzi, Francesco Trotta, Silvi
Description: Our research group is active in the field of electrochemistry and electrocatalysis from more than 80 years… In the last decade, the experimental work carried out in our Labs is focussed on the development of innovative, low-cost and environmentally friendly materials for energy storage and production devices by new, reliable and sustainable synthesis procedures, and the assessment of their structural-morphological characteristics and electrochemical behavior.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Contributing Organization: LISSEN
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Amici Julia1, Francia Carlotta1, Zeng Juqin1, Alidoost Mojtaba1,
Nerino Penazzi1, Francesco Trotta2, Silvia Bodoardo1


of Applied Science and Technology – Politecnico di Torino – c.so Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 –
10129 Torino – Italy – silvia.bodoardo@polito.it


Silvia Bodoardo (silvia.bodoardo@polito.it)

of Chemistry – University of Torin ... See more

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