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Batteries and Energy Storage

 Craig B. Arnold
Description: In 1745, scientists (Musschenbroek and Cunaeus) noticed that one could “charge” up a glass filled with water and get a shock by touching a metal nail Shortly thereafter, this was simplified to just metal foil wrapped around the inside and outside of a jar with a chain connecting the inner layer. We know these devices as capacitors, but they work by storing charge ELECTROSTATICALLY. Although they still didn’t know all that much about electricity, they now had methods of storing and generating electricity, but it was still a research tool (and a parlor trick).
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Contributing Organization: Princeton University
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Batteries and Energy Storage
Craig B. Arnold
Department of Mechanical and
Aerospace Engineering

How do we make and store electricity ?
Today, we can convert energy
from many different forms into
usable electricity:

•Nuclear fission

But the main problem for electricity
is how we store and transport it from
the generation so ... See more

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