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Energy Storage: A Utilities Perspective

 Mike Garland
Description: As we move to a more complex electrical world, the need for energy storage has increased. Current global markets and future costs which are predicted to the catalyst and unlock future opportunities. The energy storage market is very dynamic and characterized by high-profile investments. Which allowed E.ON to build experience & capabilities in Energy Storage. E.ON wins National Gridís first Enhanced Frequency Response tender.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
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Energy storage: A utilities perspective
Mike Garland
Technical Manager – E.ON Energy Storage Solutions

 What is energy storage?
 Energy storage markets and applications.

 E.ON’s current activities with energy storage.
 What next for energy storage and your business?


What is energy
Why is it needed?

Traditionally, electricity cou ... See more
Mike Garland PhD
16 January, 2018