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Progress in Lithium-sulfur And Lithium-air Battery Technology and Markets

 Bruno Scrosati, Jusef Hassoun, Yang-Kook Sun
Description: Lithium Batteries: - Lithium batteries are established commercial products. Further R&D is still needed to improve their performance in terms of safety, cost, and, especially, energy density to meet the HEV, PHEV, EV requirements. Jumps in performance require the renewal of the present lithium ion battery chemistry, this involving all the battery components, i.e., anode, cathode and electrolyte.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Contributing Organization: LISSEN
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Progress in Lithium-sulfur and Lithium-air
Bruno Scrosati, Jusef Hassoun and Yang-Kook Sun

Helmholtz Institute Ulm, HIU, Germany

Department of Chemistry, University
Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Department of WCU Energy Engineering,
Hanyang University, Seoul
Republic of Korea

1899 Ni-Cd
1973 era for lithium batteries:
The new Li metal
from consumer electronics to electromobility
1975 Ni-MH
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