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Hydrogen Energy toward high value-added Industry for Ulsan

 Hang-soo Woo PhD
Description: Ulsan is the industrial powerhouse of South Korea- The world's largest automobile assembly plant(Hyundai Motor), shipyard(Hyundai Heavy Industries), oil refinery(SK Energy). Petrochemical Industry in Ulsan- Especially, petrochemical industry covers 55% of the total industrial output in Ulsan. Paradigm shift in Energy Industry- Energy paradigm shift toward hydrogen has been the needs of times. New Industries from by-product Gases- Ulsan is supporting green industries by utilizing by-product gases(CO2 , H2) from petrochemical complex to renewable sources.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Contributing Organization: Ulsan Technopark
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Green Industry Conference, 28-30 June 2016

Hydrogen Energy toward high
value-added Industry for Ulsan

Dr. Woo, Hang-soo
Research and Development Centre Manager
New Energy Technology Institute
Ulsan Technopark

Main Industry of Ulsan


Marine shipbuilding

per capita GRDP
USD 53,100

USD 25,600



Nation’s 1st (2014)

USD 92.4 billion

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Hang-soo Woo PhD
20 March, 2017