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Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Operations and Related Hazards

 Ioanni Koliousis
Description: Fuel Cells’ Intro:- An electrochemical cell that converts a source fuel into an electrical current. The fuel cell generates electricity through reactions between a fuel and an oxidant. Hydrogen Fuel Cells: A hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen as its fuel and oxygen as its oxidant. It's very similar to a battery but it has its differences. Discovered by Christian Friedrich Schönbien in 1838.
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Methods of hydrogen and
fuel cells operations and
related hazards.

Koliousis, Ioannis
Department of Maritime Studies
University of Piraeus

Today’s agenda
 Introduction
 Safety Issues (high Level)
 Hydrogen Related Safety practical issues
 Q+A

• Definition: electrochemical cell that converts a
source fuel into an electrical cur ... See more

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