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Making Li-ion Batteries More Efficient

 Erik M. Kelder and Peter Notten
Description: Battery materials research, Introduction, incl. FP7 “EuroLiion” project, Anode material Silicon, Cathode materials, Atomic Layer Deposition of cathode materials, Electrospraying of electrodes, Rechargeable Batteries, Li-ion batteries composition – high energy cell, Anode materials Silicon.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Battery materials research guiding new applications li ti
Erik.M. Kelder and Peter Notten
TU Delft, NanoStructured Material, Delft ChemTech (Prof. Stephen Picken)

019 May 2011 Helmond, The Netherlands

HTAS � Battery day

� Prof. Stephen Picken � Prof. Andreas Schmidt-Ott � Dr Jan Marijnissen � David Munao MSc � ... See more

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