Rice Roll Processing Machine Market to Remain Lucrative During 2017 - 2025

 Shahir Bansode

The rice roll processing machines are used to prepare rice rolls by hotel, restaurant, café or canopy owners. A major portion of the rice roll processing machine manufacturers are located in China. The online e-commerce giant Alibaba.com, is emerging as the largest trading portals for rice roll processing machines worldwide. There is an increasing number of suppliers from Asia, exporting the rice roll processing machines in western countries. In China, the rice roll processing machine is commonly known as the sushi making machine. It generally consists of the main machine body, a control box and a stuffing extruder.

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It also comes up with features of water softening inside the machine, to avoid any deposits due to hard water inside the machine causing blockages in pipes of the machine. The stuffing is extruded out by a pump, which is quantitative as well as stable and aids in retaining the texture of the stuffing. In certain machines, the diameter and length of the roll or stuffing is also adjustable. The automated setting and sucking of the rice is an optional feature in rice roll processing machines. Temperature and conveyer speed of the tunnel steamer, is stable as well as adjustable in the rice roll processing machines.

Rice Roll Processing Machine Market: Market Dynamics
The rice roll processing machine market is prominently driven by the demand for processed food products around the globe. The health benefits of rice consumption over other food ingredients which are used to prepare fast-food rolls, is another reason fueling the growth of the machines used to prepare such rolls.

The high initial investment cost involved with the purchase of rice roll processing machines restrains the growth of its market. The application of machine is specific i.e. it is confined only till the processing of rice rolls, which compels customers to look for different or versatile options.

The growing production of rice fueled by healthy farming practices is likely to impact the demand for rice roll processing machines. The increasing dependency of working professionals on processed food for meals is another factor which can contribute to the growth of rice roll processing machines market in the forecast period.

The rice rolls are the traditional breakfast in many Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. The growing trend of adopting the same breakfast style in western countries can help in boosting the foreign trade of rice roll processing machines. There is also an increasing demand for rice noodle processing machines and rice paper spring roll machines.

The spraying water in the rice roll processing machine passes through a heating device for saving the steaming time, which enables a faster delivery of rice rolls in the cafes and restaurants. A faster delivery helps the hotel industry to cut down on their operational costs and also adds to customer satisfaction and delight. The temperature of the heating device is also adjustable which makes it useful for serving customized rice rolls to the consumers.

In large scale global events such events for instance the Commonwealth games, FIFA, ICC Cricket World Cup, Brazil Carnival etc., rice roll processing machines have useful application as they can help caterers serve a large number of customers with a faster service coupled with shorter delivery time and hot food.
Small rice roll processing machines are bought in households for preparing rice rolls at home.

Rice Roll Processing Machine Market: Regional Outlook
The global rice roll processing machines market geographically is segmented as North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa.

APEJ region holds a significant share of rice roll processing machines market owing to the growing demand in China. Furthermore, the increase in R & D activities related to food processing machines, wherein rice roll processing machine are useful to reduce the waiting time of consumers; aids in boosting the growth of rice roll processing machines market in the region.

The market in North America and Europe is more inclined towards growing demand of rice roll processing machines because of the increasing preference for Asian cuisine and low cost import of rice roll processing machines from China.

Rice Roll Processing Machine Market: Prominent Players
Some of the prominent players in the global rice roll processing machines market are:

  • Zaccaria
  • Milltec
  • Zhengzhou Yonghua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Lianyungang Huantai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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