LEDtronics LED String Lights Join in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Lights Festival 50th Anniversary

2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the lighting of the trees along North Michigan Avenue, which was the first street in the world to adopt this annual holiday event in 1959.

For half a century, the trees along the Magnificent Mile, the roughly mile-long stretch of North Michigan Avenue between Oak Street and the Chicago River, have been illuminated to signal the official kick-off of the holiday season in the Windy City and around the nation. This stretch—one of the top-ten hospitality, fine dining and retail districts in the world—is, in many ways, the heart of the city, a place that bustles with life year-round.

Christmas 2009 marked another milestone for the annual lighting event—the use of LED string lights to adorn the sidewalk trees lining the 900 block of Michigan Ave. called 900 West Shops. About 10 trees were festooned with 100 strings of LEDtronics LED String Lights, replacing incandescent lights used previously and reducing energy consumption by 70%.

The LED strings were part of the Lights Festival Lane and the Nov. 21 Lighting Procession event.

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