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Product Trends in Renewable Petroleum

 Steve del Cardayre
Description: Many products that we use daily are dependent upon petroleum such as ink, dish washing liquids, telephones, deodorant, tires, garden hoses, and much much more. Diesel has the highest demand, fastest growing, simplest specification, existing infrastructure and what the planet needs! Renewable petroleum products include fuels and chemicals. Implications of Synthetic biology: Design precision has increased, and design scope has increased from the gene level to the genome level.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Renewable Petroleum Products and Technology PetroleumTM
Steve del Cardayre
LS9, Inc. LS9 Inc
South San Francisco, CA

Synthetic Biology Webinar February 27, 2009


Petroleum Dependence
Ink Dishwashing liquids Paint brushes Telephones Toys Unbreakable dishes Insecticides g y Antiseptics Dolls Car sound insulation Fishing lures Deodorant Tires Motorcycle helmets Linoleum Sweaters Tents Refriger ... See more

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