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Renewable Energy from Crowded Seas: Combining Ocean Energy and Other Uses

 Jochen Bard
Description: Ocean Energy Resource, Synergies within marine renewable energies, Marine spatial planning, Technological synergies, ORECCA - Ocean Renewable Energy Conversion Platform CA, Combined offshore electrical grids, Alternatives to electricity production, Seawater desalination in OTEC plants, Seawater Air Conditioning, Seawater enrichment, Wave Powered Desalination, ocean energy research, ocean energy technologies
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Session 4 Renewable Energy from Renewable Energy from Crowded Seas

Renewable Energy from Crowded Seas R bl E f C d dS

Oceans of Synergies: Combining Ocean Energy and Other Uses
Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement (OES IA) An International Collaborative Programme
Jochen Bard German Alternate & Vice Chair Head of Marine Energy Systems, Fraunhofer IWES

Ocean Energy Systems

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