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RWE Energy factbook

Description: "RWE Energy factbook – lso words such as “ anticipate”, “believe ”, “estimate ”, “ intend”, “ may ”, “will”, “expect”, “plan”, “project”, “should”and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statement sreflect the judgement of RWE ’smanagement base do n factors currently known to it. No assurances can be given that these forward-looking statements will prove accurate and correct, or that anticipated, projected future results will be achieved. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. Such risks and uncertainties include , but are not limited to, changes in the general economic and social environment, business, political and legal conditions, fluctuating currency exchange rates and interest Rates, price and sales risks associated with a market environment in the throes of deregulation and subject to intense competition, changes in the price and availability of raw Materials, risks associated with energy trading (e.g. Risks of loss in the case of unexpected, extreme market price Fluctuations And Credit Risks Resulting In The Event That Trading Partners do not Meet Their Contractual Obligations), Actions By competitors, Application Of New Or Changed Accounting Standards Or Other Government Agency Regulations, Changes In, Or The Failure To Comply With, Laws Or Regulations, Particularly Those Affecting The Environment And Water Quality (e.g. Introduction Of A Price Regulation System For The Use Of Power Grids, Creating A Regulation Agency For Electricity And Gas Or The Introduction Of Trading In Greenhouse Gas Emissions), Changing Governmental Policies And Regulatory Actions With Respect To The Acquisition, disposal, Depreciation And Amortisation Of Assets And facilities, Operation And Construction Of Plant facilities, Production Disruption Or Interruption Due To Accidents Or Other Unforeseen Events, Delays In The Construction Of Facilities, The Inability To Obtain, Or To Obtain On Acceptable terms, Necessary Regulatory Approvals Regarding Future Transactions, The Inability To Successfully Integrate New Companies Within The RWE Group To Realise Synergies From Such Integration And The Potential Liability For Remedial Actions Under Existing Or Future Environmental Regulations And The Potential Liability Resulting From Pending Or Future Litigation.
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November 2013

Forward looking statement
RWE Facts & Figures 2013 contains certain forward-looking statements as defined by US federal securities laws.
This predominantly relates to the following statements:

Projections of revenue, income, earnings per share, capital expenditure, dividends, the capital structure and other financials;
Statements of plans or objectives fo ... See more

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