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SSL Industry: Solid State Lighting Markets and Business Models

 Chris James
Description: Background for The LED Lighting Revolution, Evidence of the Revolution, LED Lighting Revolution, obsolete energy-inefficient light bulbs, Cree LED Lighting Strategy, Two Global Macro Trends, Limited energy availability and high cost, IESNA Technical Memorandum, Cree’s Law Lumens per wafer doubles every 18 to 24 months, LED Fixture Costs, CREE Lights Up the Olympics, High Bay lighting, Bi-level Outdoor Lighting
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
State of The SSL Industry
Chris James VP Strategy and Business Development October, October 2010

Disclosure: Forward-Looking Statements
This presentation includes forward-looking statements about Cree's business outlook, future financial results, product markets, plans and objectives for future operations, and product development programs and goals. These statements are subject to risks and unce ... See more

China’s Air Quality Improvement Plans

The energy presentation shows China’s Air Quality Improvement Plans. The China’s Plans to Improve Air Quality. The Icebreaker in it All answers true or false: One half of USA citiz

Chris James
23 December, 2013