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The Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels Forum

 David Chiaramonti PhD
Description: The Alternative and Renewable Transport Forum (AFF) is a single-entry point to the EU advanced fuel industry. AFF can act as a bridge between the EU and India.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
Contributing Organization: European Commission
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Support for policy and market development for alternative
and renewable transport fuels and products

The Alternative and Renewable Transport (ART) Fuels Forum:
basis for technical cooperation between India and the EU
technology developers
Prof.David Chiaramonti
ART Fuel Forum Scientific Coordinator

New Delhi, India - 12 March 2019

ART Fuel Forum (AFF) Objectives
The objective of the project is ... See more

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Fuel Performance Codes

The design process starts with fuel design requirements. There is no clear endpoint because the process continues indefinitely as long as replacement fuel is required.

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