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The Cutting Edge Electrochemical Energy Storage

 Yet-Ming Chiang
Description: Electro chemical Energy Storage for Transportation and the Power Grid, Two huge industries are transforming, Batteries, Ten Years Ago, Today, In 10 Years, Electrification of Transportation, Multiple Levels of Electrification, Charge-depleting vs. charge-sustaining, Impact of Plug-In Hybrids on Well-to-Wheel GHG Emission, Also need new power generation technology, Electrochemical Reaction in a Lithium-Ion Battery, Frequency Regulation has HEV-like Profile.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Electrochemical Energy Storage for Transportation and the Power Grid d th P G id
Yet-Ming Chiang Department of Materials Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nanoscale olivine cathode

Nanodomain strain accommodation in LiMnO2 cathode

Two huge industries are transforming and a new one is emerging...

Battery Industry

Batteries, Ten Years Ago.....

� Li ion ... See more

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