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The Expanding Geothermal Market

 Werner Bußmann
Description: A steady heat flow from the earth’s interior reaches the surface of the earth. This heat flow will not deplete. The planet earth radiates daily about 2.5 times the energy demand of mankind into outer space. There are many benefits to geothermal power, it provides clean and safe energy using little land, it is renewable and sustainable and the market is growing.
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The geothermal market is expanding German E G Experiences and i d Chances for Italy
Werner Bu�mann
GtV-BV Secretariat, Ga tenst 36 D 49744 Geeste, GtV BV Sec eta iat Gartenstr. 36, D-49744 Geeste wb@geothermie.de
Werner Bu�mann / www.geothermie.de / 2009 www geothermie de

Energy Source Earth

Werner Bu�mann / www.geothermie.de / 2009 www geothermie de

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