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The Social Costs of Energy Consumption

 Olav Hohmeyer PhD
Description: Why talk about ‘Social costs’? In market economies the structure and decisions of the energy system are determined by market prices and politics. If we find substantial cost elements not reflected in market prices, decision makers get wrong signals and will take wrong decisions. The larger the share of costs not reflected in the prices of any one energy technology, the more will be ‘over’ invested in such technology. As these costs not reflected in prices typically are environmental or health costs, this has lead to non sustainable energy use in the past.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
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Rio 02 Word Climate & Energy Event

The Social Costs of Energy Consumption

Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer
Universität Flensburg

Rio 02 World Climate & Energy Event
Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro
6.-11. January 2002

Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer
Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer

‘Social Costs of Energy Consumption‘
‘Social Costs of Energy Consumption‘


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