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Vision 2050: A Low-Carbon Energy System

 Jan Bakkes
Description: Three major issues of today: Global land resources, food, biodiversity; Energy, climate, energy security; and Transport and mobility. Vision 2050: low-carbon energy system, Decrease of emissions worldwide 50%, Annex-1 80-95%, Vision for EU: 80% less GHG emitted within EU itself, Strong diversification improves Security of Supply for EU. EU energy system with 80% less greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Getting into the Right Lane for 2050
Connecting long term vision to near term strategy Jan Bakkes

Focus: Near-term action for long-term issues
Three issues Global land resources, food, biodiversity Energy, climate, energy security Transport and mobility Approach Europe in a global context Back cast from long-term vision (2050) Specific cases for EU-level arrangements


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