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Posted on: 19-Apr-2009

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Electricity seems great, but you can’t store it any other place than in a battery. Worse, apply Moore’s Law to batteries and capacity doubles only every sixty years. Yet it’s easy to see how great Lithium Ion batteries have been for our cell phones, cameras, and laptops. But Lithium is not a panacea. When it comes to powering cars, supplies could make PHEVs a jump from the frying pan into the fire. Battery costs 35 cents per mile. Breakeven for the ICE is 5.7 MPG.

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weQuest's are written by G Dan Hutcheson, his career spans more than thirty years, in which he became a well-known as a visionary for helping companies make businesses out of technology. This includes hundreds of successful programs involving product development, positioning, and launch in Semiconductor, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Business, High Tech, Enviorntment, Electronics, healthcare and Business devisions.

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