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An open letter to President Obama on how to fix the earmark problem: limit all earmarks to 1 per congressman per spending bill

Posted on: 12-Mar-2009

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Dear President Obama,

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this short. I also know that the earmark problem is pretty intractable.  As I hazard a guess that should know, earmarks are a critical part of how the system works.  Like lawyers, everybody hates pork barrel, except when it’s their pork barrel. So here’s my idea:

Submit a bill that limits all earmarks to 1 per congressman per spending bill.

Just look at the bill you just signed: 8000 earmarks for 100 senators and 435 representatives.  That’s about 15 each, so limiting it to 1 per would cut earmarks by a whopping 93%. Since roughly 80% of the stimulus bill you just signed was earmarks, the savings would be billions.  Better yet, congress could focus on real infrastructural spending programs that all can agree on rather than being bought off with their favor earmark.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter and best regards,

G. Dan Hutcheson

To my readers, If you agree with this, please copy it to the White House with your support. Here’s the link:

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