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Publish or Perish: strategic information disclosure

Posted on: 06-Nov-2007

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Why Publish? 3 Branches, 6 Strategies for maximizing its value to you.


The drive to get published is often seen as primarily for ego satisifaction. But there are key corporate and personal reasons for publishing. There are three primary branches for applying strategic goals to publishing that can either make you money or save you money: corporate, academic, and personal. The strategies within each provide the real reasons for publishing.




Brand Building: Companies can say they’re innovative, but that’s just marketing. Companies can show a count of patents, but it says nothing about quality. Product and Publishing are the only ways to demonstrate technical competence. Product shows it. Publishing gives the background to prove it. Publishing technical papers goes far further to promote your company’s competency than any advertising campaign ever will. Plus it’s far cheaper.


Patent Troll Defense: Patent trolls file patents for ideas they hope they can allow them to extract tolls from larger companies. They often don’t have any intention of bringing their ideas to fruition. They want to capitalize on someone else to doing all the work of bringing a product to market. The worst patent existing technology that some unknowing company has developed but not patented.


This publishing strategy takes IP your company can’t really use, is not worth patenting, but it doesn’t want to be held up by a patent troll in the future. Publishing creates open prior art, making future patents invalid. What’s so great about it is that it also builds your company’s brand.


Team Building: As publishing builds your brand it also builds your workforce. Innovative people want to work for a company that will challenge them and allow them to grow. When one person publishes, it puts pressure on others to do the same. Challenging them makes them stronger, which ultimately creates drive and inertia for better solutions for your customers.


Morale: Publishing is a great morale builder for the individual employee. It does feed their ego, which is typically a win-win.




Academia has pretty much the same strategic applications for publishing corporations. After all, academia is a business as well. They need it for brand building, team building, and morale.  Academia students and external funding are essential sources of income. Publishing creates the synergistic effects of drawing the best students and corporate sources of funding for paid research.





Brand Awareness: Your career is the most important marketing effort you will ever engage in. Your name is your brand. What is it’s value? It’s measure is your salary. How do you drive your salary up? What you do is important. But if no one of influence knows it, it doesn’t matter. Look around and you’ll find plenty of capable people who are very good at what they do but they never seem to go anywhere. There are others are as capable, or even some who are not so capable, that are the darlings of head hunters, they always seem to get the promotions, and their pay and toys just seem to get better. Dig deeper and you’ll invariably see the difference is in how they market their careers. You may be the best in you field, but if no one knows it, it will not matter. Your abilities will be systematically undervalued.


Marketing your abilities is not brown nosing. Brown nosing is more about cozying up to the boss to get ahead. It can get you there, but if your abilities are not up to the task, you will fall back. Publishing is a key way to become known both inside your organization as well as through out the industry.


Expanding your Horizons: This strategy entails taking your skills and applying them in other areas. Often an individual’s situation is constraining them. Publishing is a way to break out and explore new fields and create new opportunities for yourself.



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