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Rechargeable paper batteries & One Atom Short of a Gate Dielectric . . .

Posted on: 14-Aug-2007

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They’re rechargeable flexible and made out of paper
RPI’s battery breakthrough is the hottest news at WeSRCH today. They’ve found a way to shore energy in paper using carbon nanotubes. The use no toxic chemicals. Find out more with the news links below. An interesting detour are the articles on Angkor’s medival use of energy efficient technology.
One Atom Short of a Gate Dielectric . . . Isn’t it a funny fact that if you replace the s in consortia with a t, you get contortia? Hum does that mean that
a)     Participating in a contortia is like taking a yoga class? 
b)     Working for one and trying to please all the members is like taking a yoga class?
c)      Trying to please the government in a contortia is like taking a yoga class?
d)     Getting the government to focus on execution is like taking a yoga class?
e)     All of the above?
This comparison is in no way intended to demean and if so, all due apologies are given to those involved in yoga classes.
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