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In the Headlights of Depression II: We are that close to real disaster. Why the $700B bill is good for the country. WildPhotons: The entrance to hell

Posted on: 04-Oct-2008

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As a citizen of the Global Technology Community, never was it more embarrassing to be an American than on Monday when Congress voted down the $700B rescue bill in a decision that would cost the country $1.2T by the end of the day and more for people around the world, as global markets fell. In the aftermath, a finger-pointing-fest ensued where even the President joined in. Congressional members refused to take responsibility for rescuing the country, leaving to celebrate . . . celebrate . . . the holiday, the Feast of Trumpets. While they feasted, America burned. Now I really donít care what holiday they were celebrating. It was simply inappropriate to leave their posts in a time of crisis. They may have thought it was behind them by voting it down, but America didnít . . . The issues are potentially very dangerous at the microeconomic level, as companies rely on bank lines-of-credit. Banks are getting very nit-picky . . .

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