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Why Homeowners Reject Solar: Behavioral and Economic Reasons

 Maria Coman, Jacqueline Gordon, Katheryn Miller; University of Connecticut
Description: Survey evaluates reasons for homeowners rejecting renewable energy, specifically solar photovoltaic systems. Highest barriers: cost; long payback; inadequate sunlight; estimate energy needs; finding a contractor, difficulty financing, getting accurate quote. Additional findings: Income, limited knowledge about PV, How to find/access incentive programs. Policy recommendations
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Behavioral and Economic Reasons for Homeowners' Reticence to Install Alternative Solar Energy Systems
Maria Coman1 Jacqueline Gordon2 Katheryn Miller3 University of Connecticut: 1 Agricultural Resource Economics maria.coman@uconn.edu
2 3

Business School, Jacqueline.Gordon@business.uconn.edu Business School, katheryn.miller@uconn.edu

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27 May, 2010