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Winter 2018-19 Energy Market Assessment

Description: Winter Energy Market Assessment includes a high‐level assessment of risks and challenges anticipated in the coming operating season. Weather remains one of the largest determinants of market outcomes in energy markets.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Contributing Organization: FERC
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Good morning Mr. Chairman and Commissioners, the Office of Enforcement presents its 2018‐2019 Winter 
Energy Market Assessment.  The Winter Energy Market Assessment is staff’s opportunity to look ahead to the 
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Natural Gas Supply And Demand In The U.S.

National Natural Gas Market Overview: U.S. Supply and Consumption: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-U.S. NG Supply and Demand Year to date Apr 2014 vs. Apr 2015:US Natural Gas

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11 December, 2013

Renewable Power & Energy Efficiency Market

Renewable Power & Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS) and Goals, Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS), Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Goa

19 October, 2010