Frequently Asked Questions

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What is weSRCH?

weSRCH is a social networking site for professionals in the Energy, Electronics and Medical industries.
Members can collaborate on the latest industry technologies, newsfeed, research, conferences, and more.
weSRCH keeps you up to date with the most relevant work of your peers, industry newsfeed and most current press releases.
It is the world's first virtual technical conference that goes non-stop: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What's the purpose of weSRCH?

To provide an open forum for sharing technical ideas, company newsfeed, and personal opinions.
It is about forming communities of researchers, enabling open conversations among like-minded professionals anywhere in the world.
It is about we rather than me.

Is this a free site?

Yes. Open and free.

How is weSRCH different from other networking sites?

weSRCH is different from other social networking sites because it fosters innovation. It is a place for researchers to share their ideas and opinions within a fine tuned community.

Can anyone write or post a paper?

Yes, anyone who is signed up as a member at weSRCH can write or post a paper. Members can publish papers and research findings for others to comment on, review and discuss. As a member you will establish instant priority & precedence for your ideas, thoughts, and IP – no waiting to publish for 6 months.

Your claim to priority is instantaneous and then peers can review it. For example; a student can publish a summary of his doctoral thesis or a seasoned researcher seeking to place a paper can find willing readers at weSRCH.

Can I correct, change or delete a paper that I've posted?

The person who signed in and uploaded a paper has the ability to delete the paper at any time in order to make corrections in the body of the text. While logged in, go to the bottom of the paper, check the delete box, click OK, and then click Submit. Then corrections can be made and the paper can be re-posted. You can edit any information in the summary, title or to the Author's name without deleting the paper. To do this, select the paper that you wish to make changes to. Click the link that says edit next to the section you wish to make changes to. Make any necessary changes and click Update. You cannot make changes to the body of the paper without deleting it. To delete a Press Release, follow these same steps.

How do I change my primary email address?

To change your primary email address, the email address that you use to log-in to weSRCH, scroll your mouse over the myweSRCH menu on the upper-right of the page and select myProfile from the drop down menu. Next select edit profile. Once you are at the edit profile page, you may highlight and change your email address in the text box, click update at the bottom of the screen to save any changes.

How are communities formed?

Communities are formed by members on topics or interests of their choice. Members can choose to form public communities that any member can join and participate in, or they can choose to form a moderated community which is password protect that only allows certain members to join and participate.

What is the difference between a Senior and a Fellow Member?

A Senior member is recognized after his or her paper receives 500 visits. A Fellow is an author who has written a paper which receives 700 visits or more.

What is Sponsorship?

Authors who write a paper can be sponsored by organizations interested in that paper. This will list the sponsor's name at the top of the paper. The levels of sponsorship are:

Silver        $200

Gold         $300

Platinum   $1000

Does weSRCH require that my place of employment be listed when I post a paper?

No. You are welcome to include your affiliation and job title when you post a paper, however, weSRCH does not require that you do so.

What is the difference between Short and Detail sign up?

The Short sign up allows you to read weQUEST and other documents only for members. The Detail sign up allows you to post documents such as papers and press releases and create conferences etc.