10 Best High Tech Gadgets of 2018

 Ryan Holman
  Jan 29, 2019

The year 2017 has really been remarkable for the consumer electronics, and few of the modern gadgets have arrived as a grand surprise. After an outbreak of many announcements of brilliant products this whole year, some high-tech coolest gears will be launching in the coming year 2018. Let us surprise you too with our set of top ten tech gadgets that you must certainly consider buying.

1# Portable AC Outlet Power Bank: You can now pick home the first AC outlet known to be the Portable Power Outlet. The small power devices like laptops, phones, digital cameras, lights, and medical appliances are the last battery pack that you require. This new Power Bank features 27,000mAh capacity, 85 Watts of AC Outlet, and USB charging ports’ maximum output is 5V/2.4 USB. [Price is $249]

2# Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - DBell: You can easily monitor the DBell from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV to check out who is on the other side of the door. The smart video doorbell offers you with a perfect security solution, motion sensor, 160o broad area for video capture, night vision option, dual speaker for excellent communication, a built-in speaker and microphone, water-proof with IP 66 rating, and audio senses with footage saving. [Price is $139]

3# HereO Watch: The world’s smallest GPS watch named HeroO is crafted for the children aged 3 years or above. This watch looks attractive with splash-proof protection and good durability. It can also link with parents’ smartphones so that they can track their child’s activities. In the emergency, you can activate the panic button. One can save more on gadgets with the best buy coupon codes. [Price is $199]

4# Prynt iPhone Case: The Pyrnt iPhone Case is suitable for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 that prints high-quality HD captured snaps portably and instantly. Accessible in white, blue, pink, and black, the Prynt iPhone case can print photos anywhere and anytime, convert the photo shots into movies, uses ink-free technology, light-weight, and also known to be the first mobile phone printer. [Price is $119]

5# A Smart Remote Control for your home: Built by French developers, Sevenhugs, the Smart Remote Control in your hand is designed to control all the electronic devices at your home. This Remote works greatly with 25,000+ Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi enabled devices like smart bulbs, smart TVs, smart home hubs, Nest’s Thermostat, and Sonos wireless speakers. [Price is $229]

6# Phone Stabilizer: Viable S is an awesome phone stabilizer that allows people to create photos and videos having a specialized look. The premium phone comprises of a built-in feature that keeps a close eye on your face, yet automatically tracks you sans any help from another person. It also features camera controls along with the incorporated control panel. [Price is $239]

7# Bionic Knee Brace: World’s first bionic knees brace is known as Levitation that supports your knee joints and muscles. With the help of this Levitation that acts as a knee therapy, you can work more than you love even though you’ve knee injury. The movement of the joints is managed by the brace, a mechanical device. [Price is $199]

8# Argonault Power Wheel Chair: Those who cannot walk properly and need the help of a wheelchair, Argonault can act as a multipurpose mobility device. You can lift the wheelchair up, down, and also ascend/descend the staircases and vice-a-versa sans any tweak. Seat height can be easily adjusted. Its unique seat can also avoid ulceration, and even aids the blood circulation. People can get easy coupons at Couponobox.com for the best deals and discounts on Argonault wheelchair.

9# Floatation Wristband: Guys and girls who love water would like to use Kingii, a new flotation wristband in order to not get drowned. When you pull the lever, the bag will be inflated and thus it would activate the CO2 cylinder to fill the balloon effortlessly. You will be thus pulled towards the surface with this inflation bag. [Price is $89]

10# Satellite Communicator with GPS Navigation SOS Function: inReach SE+ is the trendiest satellite communicator which utilizes cent percent universal Iridium satellite coverage with an offering of 2-way messaging across the world from anywhere you wish to. Through this communicator, you can obtain weather predictions for any location, send and receive the text messages to email ids and SMSes, post to social media sites, and many more benefits. [Price is $449]

Hope you’ve got a proper idea about the launch of ten best tech-gadgets in 2018 on a reasonable budget! Share your comments with us to let us know about these trendy gadgets!

10 Best High Tech Gadgets of 2018

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