10 examples of usage AI technologies in websites and apps

 Alice Berg
  Jul 17, 2017

AI technologies

Artificial intelligence apps are now the most utilised tools in the world. They were successfully implemented in every field of human activity, so currently there exist more than 30 types of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence saves the time of its users, as it has the ability to complete a wide range of complex tasks for people within a given period.

One of the most striking examples of the beneficial power of these technologies lies in the fact that ai software for pc is being applied in the majority of operating systems. Nowadays one can choose from a great variety of artificial intelligence websites, which offer various services and are useful tools for every-day-life of a human. Let`s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Echo and Alexa

Alexa is an Amazon phonic product, which serves as a personal assistant and is able to adjust to natural voice of a user by utilising compound mathematical algorithms of language processing. Moreover, as it`s based in the cloud, Alexa continually develops through various interactions with the speaker. The more this digital platform contacts with the user, the more intelligent it becomes.

Echo is another smart speaker created by Amazon. It`s such a widespread device, as it integrates Alexa into your living room and utilises oral requests and commands to perform actual tasks. Therefore, the user can easily book an airplane ticket to Bangladesh, order a takeaway cheese pizza, play a favourite «Beatles» song, merge with smart home tools and answer a natural language question via internet search.

2. Google Allo

This progressive ai technology is a next-generation system of smart replies, which was introduced in 2015 and is taking the world of texting and emailing over ever since. Google Allo utilises machine learning and results in the creation of three most appropriate, laconic and customised replies to questions and statements automatically. It`s just a matter of time when Google Allo will provide its users with compound responses, mixed up with emoji and stickers.

3. RankBrain

The next one in line is RankBrain, which is a self-learning AI system. The main issue it deals with is to present better results to user inquiries. By using mathematical formulas and analysing language semantics RankBrain tries to understand and learn the manner and reason of human search, apply these conclusions into further research, thereby facilitating the mechanism of users’ investigation.

4. The Roll

The latest application for professional photographers and amateurs, which saves a lot of time, The Roll is able to scan a whole photo library, recognise similarities between all pics and automatically sort them into various albums. The Roll can also assess photos from the point of view of the quality and lightning, which is beneficial for mastering the skills of a user.

5. Street View

Designed as a specific function of Google Maps and Google Earth, Street View offers to enjoy various views all around the globe. It is able to show the users panoramas of stitched photographs, becoming a useful source of virtual travelling, displaying the most distant parts of the Earth in real time.

6. DeepFace

Generated by Facebook team and introduced in the social network, DeepFace managed to overcome the FBI's Next Generation Identification system. By examining over four million shots uploaded to Facebook, developers of this facial recognition method identified human faces in digital pictures, bringing a new trend to the world of artificial technologies.

7. VitalHealth Software

AI can be applied not only for the sake of entertainment, research and communication but also for health issues. VitalHealth Software offers solutions for Population Health Management for a certain company, making use of its own platform. This software is necessary for people, who suffer from some chronic diseases, as VitalHealth Software delivers eHealth resolutions, which are located in the cloud.

8. Lyrebird

One more outstanding AI tool is the one, which appeared on the market as a Canadian startup and soon evolved into a huge system, which is able to reproduce different sounds by listening to a one minute of a sample audio. Although Lyrebird is still expanding its functions, it has already become a widespread device for speech synthesis for disabled people, trending tool for animation studios and video game studios.

9. Skillroads

The platform, which is becoming a mainstream idea in the sphere of online resume builders, as it provides its users with perfectly conducted resumes, which are tailored for a particular vacancy, highlight achievements and skills of a certain applicant. This is an advantageous decision for every job seeker, who needs a professional and with the process of creation of his/her outline.

10. Duolingo, GymBot, Dinner Ideas, Mona

As science is developing every second, it`s not surprising that machine learning trend appeared in the area. AI technologies are able to analyse data, design patterns into media objects, thus wise they can and are applied in learning.

The first in the row is Duolingo – service, which helps people to learn new languages, enrich their knowledge and connect with each other. With the help of multiple virtual language tutors, learners can practice when they have time and avoid pressure from a third party.

Next one from handy chatbot apps is GymBot, a Facebook Messenger, which is helpful for those who follow exercise plans and want to keep records of their every step in order to fix the progress and analyse the most effective tasks. Therefore, to use this app you are simply to send a message to GymBot with your stats and it will sustain your private workout report.

It`s the latest fashion to be fit and eat healthy food, so Dinner Ideas is exactly what you need to follow this lead. You simply enter a single item you have and the app does the rest for you by suggesting the perfect recipe for you (not a single one, but a list of dishes you can make).

Another clever idea is to use Mona while you`re shopping, as this personalised tool recommend you the most relevant products on the market, by selecting items according to your tastes, needs and money limit. Mona also compares the prices from various online shops, markets and knows all the details of upcoming sales.

Know all your variants and experience an easier way to walk the path of life with artificial technologies, not wasting your time or energy.

10 examples of usage AI technologies in websites and apps

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