10 Ideas to Spend a Weekend in the City with Family

 Nelma Lumme
  Jun 26, 2017

Having your family visit for a weekend in the big city can be a great opportunity for you. Many of our families don’t have a chance to visit or live in a big city, so the rare occasions should be used.

Every city in the world has a couple of iconic attractions, public places or monuments that are specific to that place. How can you use this information in order to prepare a nice weekend for your family and explore the city while having fun?

Create a roadmap

Chances are that your family knows very little about the city they will visit. While they might look up information online or ask you about it, it’s best to prepare for their visit. Go online and create a roadmap of all the things you want to show them during the weekend.

Even if you are the one taking them to the city and traveling with them, take the initiative and be their private guide. Making sure that you have a roadmap of places you want to visit will make them feel safe because you know what you are doing. You will never run out of ideas if you have a small checklist of things to see.

  1. Explore the history

Depending on whether your family is crazy about history or not, you can visit some key historic sites around the city. Every city started out small and expanded from that, so the records are being safely kept and open to the public. Take them around and see how the city came to be in the first place. Many of the city attractions are based on the lore of the city and the way it came to be.

  1. Visit parks and open spaces

Parks, squares and public spaces are wonderful for taking breaks in-between exploring. Use these opportunities to catch some breath and explore wide open spaces that let you and your family breathe. These are often equipped with small coffee and snack shops, allowing you to relax and think about what to do next.

You can even check your laptop and see how things are outside of the tour you are having. You can check your email, social media, visit Flashessay.com for your paper writing and editing or simply Google the next place to go to. Some of the parks and squares are designed with guided tours in mind, making sure that people visit and stay around for a while.

  1. Grab a bite or two

Chances are that you will want to eat outside when you are in a big city. There are a number of places that you can go to in order to get distinct local food and try out something new. Depending on your family’s preferences, allergies or needs, you can visit a couple of places during your weekend together.

The plethora of foods available to you in a big city ranges from local, Chinese and Indian to Mexican or even vegan food. Talk about the options at hand and take the chance to try out something new together.

  1. Visit museums

Museums, art galleries, and similar venues might not be for everyone, but if you talk about personal preferences, you will come up with a small list of places to visit. Big cities are known for their museums and local history, so these can help you know more about the region, the founders of the city or even international history.

Take the chance to learn more about the past with your family but don’t drag them around if they don’t feel like it. Some families are simply more open to other forms of fun and museums don’t seem as interesting.

  1. Go to a theater

A theater can be a number of places in a big city. This can either be a stage theater with local plays that people are accustomed to or a big cinema with blockbuster movies. Each family has a different set of standards about the places they would like to visit.

Maybe the cinema is the perfect place for your family to relax after an entire day on foot. Stage theaters are a great way to educate yourselves and see a famous show you have all been hearing about for years.

  1. Explore the vistas

Every city in the world has a couple of spots that offer an amazing view of the city. These vistas are open to tourists and visiting families all around the city. Take the time and explore these spots, making sure that you take your camera with you. These spots are great for taking family pictures and creating wonderful memories.

  1. Take a guided tour

There are a number of guided tours available in every major city. These can be beneficial if you are low on time but want to explore as much as possible. Keep in mind that guided tours won’t give you a sense of freedom – you will have to stick close to your guide and listen closely. It’s better than the alternative however if you don’t have a clue as to where to start or what to see first.

  1. Drink coffee and relax

After all is said and done, sometimes it’s good to just find a coffee place and relax with your family. Taking some time off and sitting down in a nice coffee shop might just be what your family needs. Catching up and laughing about it can be just as fun as exploring the city. You can even visit some of the more famous places in the city and grab a drink there – so it’s a win-win situation!

  1. Walk during the night

Most cities look wonderful during the night and it’s one of the very few occasions in which you can truly appreciate them. If you don’t have small children in your family, taking a stroll during the night might just be what you need. The lampposts, lights and advertisement signs that flash in your eyes are a very different sight than what your family is used to in a small city. This is a good way to show them that city life is quite a different experience.

In the end

What matters is that you are with your family. Whatever you choose to do, you will enjoy it as much as anything else. It’s about the people you spend time with rather than the places you visit. After all, you don’t get that many chances to visit a big city for a weekend.

10 Ideas to Spend a Weekend in the City with Family

Nelma Lumme

Nelma Lumme is originally from Finland. After her graduation from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tampere, she moved to Chicago, IL where she is starting a new career as a freelance blogger, writing mostly about education, self-improvement, and relationships. If you want to hear more stories from her follow @NelmaLumme on Twitter

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