21 Questions Game Lists

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 07, 2019

Here we have listed the best questions to ask when playing 21 questions game.

21 Questions Game

1. What is that one thing you pretend but you actually do or possess?

  • By this question’s answer, one will get to know that at what level does the person tries to hide the things from the world or society.

2. Who is the most attractive person in your contact?

  • His/her answer will let you know the preference or taste of the respective person.

3. What is important in your life money or happiness?

  • The reply to this question will let you know whether the person is of your kind or not.

4. How will you manage if your parents do not agree with your choice?

  • The level of understanding and handling can be known from the answer to this question.

5. If your boss asks you to work during the holidays, how will you respond?

  • Motivation level and motive of the growth of the firm can be known from the reply of this question.

6. A real situation, in which you have to make choice from ordinary life with happiness or luxuries life with sorrows? What will you choose?

  • The real motive of life can be revealed. Whether he lives for money or earns money to live.

7. So, what are your tricks to pull out the truth from strangers?

  • The level of the smartness can be revealed from the tricks told by the respective person.

8. Which company of friends do you prefer: A group in which you are small in age or big in age?

  • The person prefers to lead the group or wants to learn for the whole life by concentrating on his/her growth.

9. Things that make you uncomfortable in your life?

  • You cannot judge anyone on this answer to the question because everyone has different likes and dislikes.

10. Your preference from Short and to the point messages or Long and big story messages?

  • Is the person descriptive or straightforward can be known from the answer to this question and one can deal with the same way they want?

11. Do you take every step according to astrology? Does it work?

  • Reply from the person will show whether the person is superstition or believes in fact and one can save themselves from their black magic if the person believes in astrology.

12. Are you addicted to anything which is not good for you? What is it?

  • This question will help you to know the weakness of the person.

13. Your decisions are made on the base of societal judgments or according to your desire?

  • The person is selfish or not can be revealed from his actions or ask this question you will get to know.

14. When mistakes are made by you then do you sit back and cry or take an action to rectify?

  • Does the person take the responsibility or not can be known for any case in his/her life.

15. How do you treat a problem? What are the before and after effects?

  • A person’s efforts in order to fix the problem can be known and how hard does he/she work to get the desired result.

16. What will be the reason you will ditch a person?

  • The person who will think from the mind as well as also listens to the heart will never ditch a person.

17. Have you got scared of something so badly that you peed your pants?

  • The answer will make a blissful moment rather judging a person.

18. Do you post whole life on social media or a blurry glance about your life?

  • Addiction level towards social media can be revealed through the answer to this question.

19. Are you an investment person or disinvestment person? Why?

  • The person has a perfect budget plan or not can be known from the answer to this question.

20. A person, you would like to be alive till your death?

  • Favourable factors in one question can be revealed. Just get to know who’s the person he/she mentions in the answer.

21. What is your favorite way to make free time into a productive one?

  • Just an informative answer can be known and one cannot judge on the base of this question.

21 Questions Game Lists

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