3 Effective Tips To Sell The Flooded House Fast

 Krima Miller
  Jan 04, 2018

When the flood damages the house adversely, you are left with no options but to repair it spending enormous cost on the same. At times, selling the house is a better alternative than going for a massive repair. Besides, you need to sell it faster to prevent the deteriorating price of the house due to the water damage.

Often people come to us asking “how do I sell my house quickly?” or “should I sell my flooded house or not?” We will help you resolve all such questions.

It is quite obvious that you are confused whether to sell your house or go for repair. However, the intensity of damage should be the parameter to check the same. If your house is extremely affected, then repairing would make no sense as it will be a cost you a lot leading you to nothing but another expenditure soon.

Nonetheless, selling a flooded house is not at all an easy task as nobody would wish to buy a damaged property. We have shown below some of the effective tips that will help you sell your flooded house faster than you should go through once.

1. Curtail The Water Damage

To prevent the flood damage, it is essential to take actions immediately after the flood. The more accurate you are, the lesser are the chances of damage. Make sure to take all the below-given measures to reduce the water damage.

Contact your insurance company and make the list of damages. Take the pictures of the damaged parts both inside and outside the home. Don’t miss to take the picture of any nook or corner that is damaged.

Take away all the material that absorbs water and keep it in a safe place.

If you have wood floors, remove the static water that is left behind to prevent further damage to the floor.

Once you have prepared the stuff to show to the insurance company, the next step is to use the humidifier. Keep it on and make the maximum use of the same to remove the moisture from the home.

At times, it may seem that you are absolutely moisture-free. However, the walls and floors do not remove the moisture too soon. Hence, it is very important to make sufficing use of the humidifier to prevent the damage.

Take the professional help and remove the molds from the external and internal part of the house.

2. Fix The Small Damages

Although you are planning to sell the house, you cannot sell it in its ‘as is’ condition immediately after the flood. Once you have taken all the immediate measures, get through with the basic repairs that your home demands. No buyer would be interested in buying a water damaged home. You need to make sure that you repair all the water damage to the home.

In case the damage cannot be fixed, replace the same. Also, consider painting the house again. Make sure you choose the colors that are subtle and appealing. Don’t let your prospective buyer take any negative sign of water damage in your house.

3. Property Inspection

The property inspection through a professional is always advisable to gain the confidence of the buyers. When your property is evaluated by a third party, the buyer gets sure shot that he/she is not getting deceived by a homeowner.

Apart from this fact, what buyers can consider are plumbing, wiring and roofing facilities of the property that they intend to go for.


These major three steps will surely help you sell your house faster. If you don’t want to repair the damage, the best way to sell the house is to sell it to the home investor as they buy the house in its ‘as is’ condition and you won’t need to opt for the damage repair.

We believe after going through this article, you will be able to sell your house faster at the best price.

3 Effective Tips To Sell The Flooded House Fast

Krima Miller

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