3 Great Homework Helping Gadgets- Where to Find Them?

 Sebastian Miller
  Apr 02, 2019

The difference between students who struggle and those who excel in learning when to ask for help. When you find yourself thinking, “I need help with my homework,” the key is to find the right gadgets for help. These technologies are designed to work with students in finding the answers they need for a perfect score on their assignments, without the stress.

1: LiveScribe Smart Pen

Do you ever get tired of lugging all your notes back and forth from class to home? The LiveScribe SmartPen is designed to work with a mobile app downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. The SmartPen comes with special dot paper. As you sit in class and record notes on this paper, they are translated to digital files immediately. Since you have notes on your smartphone or tablet, you can do your assignments anywhere. You can also lug around a lot less materials, which is always a bonus.

One downside is that you will need to continue replacing the paper if this ends up being a useful note-taking tool for you. This can get costly after a while. For another idea on how to take notes that you can view anywhere, check out the switchable keyboard later in the article.

2: Digital Protractor

For students struggling with angles in geometry or classes like engineering, a digital protractor makes it easy to measure any angle with incredible accuracy. It measures with a digital accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees. This is an affordable investment, which is good since most students will only use it for 1-3 classes. As it has 3,000 hours of continuous life in its battery, however, some students may pass it on to younger siblings or save it until they are taking college courses. It is also easy to use, using a locking knob that lets you measure angles with ease. Most students report it is more accurate than the average protractor that looks like a semi-circle.

3: Switchable Keyboard

Switchable keyboards are designed to offer seamless integration between your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Sometimes, one of the reasons that students put off writing their papers for so long is because it is inconvenient to get the work done. With the switchable keyboard, you do not have to sit in front of a desktop or carry a laptop around to get your work done. Sync it to your phone or tablet and start typing.

This style of keyboard is also useful for note-taking or idea-recording on the go. As you choose the model to help you get your assignments done, think about how convenient it is to charge. Most work with Bluetooth since the typical phone doesn’t have a USB port. Consider how they are charged and if you need to pick up batteries to carry around with you as well. You should also consider the size of the keyboard. Some are designed with the numerical pad, while others are not. If you typically use it for writing, you might prefer the compact style of one without a numerical keypad.


Where to Find Homework Help Gadgets?

Students who don’t excel often do not know where to find the assistance they need. However, when you look in the right place, you can find dozens of helpful gadgets. It can be helpful to ask other students, especially if you see them using technology around campus. Another good place to look is online or in your cell phone’s app store. You may even find that the app store has something useful, so you do not have to buy extra equipment at all.

How to Choose a Homework Help Gadget?

The ideal gadget will give you the help you need to excel in school. One of the first things you should consider is your goal. Using a great math app will not help improve your writing skills. Once you have narrowed your gadget choice down by subject, consider the benefits that it has to offer. Will the gadget break down the steps that you need to arrive at the answer? How expensive is a gadget? Do you need to purchase extra apps? What is going to meet your needs?

It is important to remember that only you can figure out what will help you if you look. Do the research and find something that meets your needs. When it comes to your education, no expense should be spared. After all, many of these gadgets will be useful for years to come.

The gadgets above should help you in getting high scores on your future assignments. At the very least, they should make getting work done easier. For times when you cannot find the help you need, consider a homework help site like EZ assignment help. Remember that the only wrong way to work on assignments is not to complete them.

3 Great Homework Helping Gadgets- Where to Find Them?

Sebastian Miller

Sebastian Miller is a former Calling Lake School science teacher. After 4 years of teaching, he decided to become a freelance writer for Thesis Rush In Sebastian’s opinion, math is the core of all science and his goal is to enlighten as many schoolers as possible through writing

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